● TR800 series of CtP plate setters utilize advanced
thermal image technology, which produce sharp dot,
capable of reproducing 1%-99% dot at 300lpi.
● External drum configuration keeps the plate
direction consistent on drum the same during plate
making and on press, which ensures the highest
consistency during printing and plate making.
● Day light operation, easy maintenance and Q&A
● Two tier, separate loading and unloading system
allows continuous plate load. Optional automatic
bridge and automatic plate stacker can realize
automatic processing
● Open, English and intuitive user interface with                           TR-600I      TR-600II
touch screen allows easy operation
● Marble platform provide the best stability in
variety of ambient temperature; unique temperature
replenishment system and optical system ensure
quality of plate making.
● Fully automated drum balancing system ensures
smooth and high speed operation of any plate size
and thickness                                                                                               
● Independent dust control unit to ensure
cleanliness of laser unit and quality of plate making
● Unique laser group technology ensure
continuous and stable production.