Main Technical Parameters: 
Maximum printing size:                    320mm*320mm 
Maximum die cutting size (optional): 320mm*320mm 
Thickness of substrate:                    80-300g/m 
Repeat length:                                  50-350mm 
Press speed:                                    30-200rpm 
Motor rating:                                     30kw/6 colors 
Power three phase:                          380V 
UV rating:                                         4.8kw/per color
Pneumatic requirement:                     7kg/cm2 
Weight around:                                 9 ton/6 colors


1. Servo driven: Independent servo driven system in each unit to guarantee stable register at high printing speed.

2. Printing unit: Use the most advanced inking system which has 23 inking rolls, four   large diameter form rolls included and alcohol damping system to guarantee printing quality.

3. Pre-register system: Based upon the printing length, log data into the sliding control station, each unit will automatically be adjusted to its ready position.

4. Register system: Each printing unit can remote adjust register which includes lineal, lateral and skewing without stopping the press to save time and reduce the waste of substrate.

5. Vacuum backflow control unwind:Vaccum backflow cylinder should be able to prevent scratches on the back of P/S label during intermittent motion.

6. Joystickless:Fully automatic operation system including pressure adjustment,inking roll washup,roller impression,etc.

7. Easy to operate: Equipped with sliding touch screen control station which can be moving around to increase the efficiency of operator.

8. Printing size :Patent technology to minimize printing size to achieve larger scale of variable size printing.

9. Control system: Apply electronic component from famous international brand to guarantee long term reliable operation.

10. Lubrication system: Centralized automatic lubrication.


1. Rotary die cutting device: Use flexible die and magnetic cylinder to do any shape's cutting.

2. UV flexo printing station: Equipped with anilox roll to do the UV coating or white color printing on transparent material.

3. Cold foil stamping device

4. Laminating device:A intermittent laminator can be added before rotary die cutting during high speed intermittent printing.

5. Automatic ink roller washup system

6. Remote inking system

7. Letterpress printing unit

8. Digital printing unit: It is a colorful non-contact variable information printing system which can combine with traditional printing technology to perfect level.

9. Rotary silk screen printing unit