Our company, with accurate knowledge on the regional markets as well as the high challenges of the press business, unconditionally puts forward flexo label and stacked press machines.
These machines are ideal for small and medium printing units and/or small or medium productions, as:
The need very small installation ground (30-40 m2)
The printing quality is the same and even better than the big Narrow label press machines.
They are found with accoutrement of the ultimate technology.
They are totally friendly to the operator and demand only the minimum specialization of the stuff.
They can print with any method UV or IR ink, cold foil, silk print etc.
They minimize the necessary material to achieve perfect printing.
They minimize the time needed for the job change.
They achieve total registration with double electronic tension control.
They have electronic Web Guide.
They contain turn bars for both sides printing.
They can print on any material, from thickness of 18 microns (aluminum, paper, film etc).
They are produced in 1-6 colors, with 1 (RY) or 3(LRY)  die cutting stations.
Width 320-330-450-500-600-850mm