DH  250-330- 450-520-600-1000mm   
1 -12 COLORS
A.Basic configuration
1.Unwind Unit
Max unwind unit Diameter 1524mm
Pneumatic mandrel unit diameter3″
Hydraulic roll shaft lift
ELECTRONIC Close loop tension control system with tension transducer
Paper area 20gsm—150gsm
 2.Front Web Guide System (ELECTRONIC)
Used for unwinding web guide;paper splicing
 3.Regulative in-feed tension control unit (Double side pressure glue roller)
Automatic printing tension control by adjusting knob
 4.Printing Unit  1-12 units
1-12 cassettes (quick change system) hydraulic 
Ceramic anilox rollers (at customer's need )
Printing plate cylinder (at the customer's need)
 High precision impression cylinders
Register for horizontal turning;
 Auto Register +/-7mm
Stainless steel Ink tank; Single Doctor Blade
 5. Video Inspection System  1 unit
Inspect the printing quality synchronously
 6.UV OR COLD U.V. Curing System
1-12 units Water cooling UV (to each printing unit)
1 complete system of cold UV curing
 7.Drying System
1-12 units I.R. Drying system
Warm air Drying system (South Korean Teflon Tube)
 8.Rear out-feed tension control system
1 unit Control the tension of material
 9.Rotary die cutting system 1-3 units
 Magnetic die cutting rollers
Thickness of wallboard of the machine frame is 35mm
Pressure adding system 1 unit
 10.Rear web guide system 1 unit
 11.Rewinder    1 unit
Rewinding unit diameter is 1524mm;
 13.Plate Mounting Station 1 unit
For loading printing plates, make sure the accuracy of plate
Quickly changes the plates
 14.Tool kits 1 unit
 B.The main technical parameter and the function
Max unwinder diameter  1524mm
Printing repeat :190mm —650mm
Max paper width:250-330- 450-520-600-1000mm   
Max printing width:249-332- 449-519-599-999mm   
Max die cutting lenth:650mm;
Max die cutting width:250-330- 450-520-600-1000mm   
The thickness of the wallboard of the machine frame 19mm
Quickly change plate cylinder no need any tools,
Auto plate cleaning;
Automatic stop when paper broken;
Automatic alarm and speed slowdown to stop when low paper
Meter counting and quantity counting, individual counting (labels)
Automatic stop when achieve the setting task