1-2-4 COLORS 72X102

Max. paper size:720x1020mm
Min. paper size:360x520mm
Max. image area:700x1020mm
Gripper margin: 10-12mm
Max. printing speed:10000 sheets/h
Plate size:773x1030mm
Blanket size:790x1052mm
Thickness of blanket:1.9mm
Feeder pile height:1090mm
Delivery pile height:1110mm
Weight of paper:40-350gsm
Overall dimensions:8240x3320x2060mm
Power of main motor:22kw
Overall power:37kw
Printing units:4

1-2-4 COLORS 60X74

Max.Paper Size: mm 600×740
Min.Sheet Size:mm 740×580
Gripper Margin: mm 10-12
Weight of Paper: g/m2 80-580
Max.Printing Speed: s/h 10000
Plate Size: mm 745×670
Blanket Size: mm 710×769
Thickness of Blanket: mm 1.95
Feeder Pile Height: mm 1000
Delivery Pile Height: mm 1000
Overall Dimensions: mm 7972×3140×2014
Power of Main Motor: kw 22
Overall Power: kw 36
Machine Weight: kg 23500