Paper fed continuously,heavy-duty mechanism structure, full function, suitable for color printing with thin and thick paper.


1,Heavy duty mechanism structure. Cast iron pedestal, frame, cylinders etc.have the good intension and tenacity, ensuring high stability and good printing impression.
2,Four color head, four-color printing being done every time.
3,Plate adjustment function in vertical, lateral and declining position,saving adjustment time.
4,Under swing feeder equipment, especially for high speed printing.
5,Paper fed continuously and stably, suitable for high speed printing.
6,Special design in paper board, front lay, gripper and the other equipments.
7,Plate cylinder and blanket cylinder go through with the bearer, running stably, ensuring qualified printing image.
8,Semi-automatic plate loader and tightening equipment, saving time in changing plate.
9,Double spring gripper, getting rid of paper slid, ensuring the same gripper pressure during the long time printing work.
10,Pneumatic control system, ensuring the press more stably.
11,High precision imported bear, ensuring cylinder impression even in the high speed rotation.
12,Chromed cylinder, prolongs the operation life.
13,Automatic centralized oiling system, prolong the working life.
14,Automatic ink volume adjustment, insure the perfect printing job.
15,Alcohol dampening solution, continuous water feed,insure water balance during printing.
16,Operators are safe due to the installation of safety guard, adjustment door and protecting shield.
17,PLC device and touch-screen operating.