The ZYHD490B WITH SOUND BARRIER is a quarto automatic combined
folding machine with electric control folding knives with advanced word level.
4 times parallel fold and twice vertical fold can be done in machine ZYHD490B.
The 4 times parallel folding mode includes the concertina fold and the letter fold.
It is suitable for 8vo, 16vo and 32mo folding. The advanced PLC is applied as a
control center with the function of digitally setting sheet length, sheet gap,
stacking length, counting data, and displaying the speed, the errors, etc.
With a sound barrier, which will be more safty and low down noise.

Technical Data:
      Max.sheet size: 490*660mm
      MIn.sheet size: 150*200mm
      Sheet weight range: 40-200g/m2
      Max.folding knife cycle rate: 300stroke/min
      Max.folding roller speed: 180m/min
      Machine power: 4.16Kw


ZYH660D can be operated 4 times parallel fold and 3 times vertical fold.
The 4 times parallel folds includes the concerina fold and the letter fold.
Perforating,creasing and slitting can be handled during folding process
as required.
Helical gears are used for the drive of folding rollers with high precision
and good synchronization and low noise. Main motor and pile hoist adopt
converter speed governor, so the machine runs stably and reliably.
The advanced PLC and modern control keyboard are applied as a control
center, it can display current speed, electronic counter etc.
With a sound barrier, it adopt to CE safty require, have the function of low
noise,more safty when using.

Technical Data:
      Max.sheet size:660*1040mm
      Min.sheet size:150*200mm
      Sheet weight range:40-200g/M2
      Max.folding roller speed:150m/min
      Max.folding kinfe speed:150strokes/min